Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why I Write

Ever since I was about eight, it's been my dream to write a book. Back then, the only way to be considered an author, was to be picked up by an agent, and then one of the big publishers. Today, the options are wide-open, and it is literally, all in our own hands now as to what we make of it.

Reviews. They can make or break you as far as being successful, and they are VERY hard to come by. It's been a slow process for me to figure out the whole social media platform, but I am getting there.

Complete strangers read MY book...and they actually liked it! They enjoyed it so much, that they took the time and effort to write in-depth, thoughtful reviews and recommended it to their friends and followers. Writing is a very personal thing for me, so to have it appreciated, really means a lot.

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