Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Cover For Bloodline

So I've gone ahead and changed the cover for Bloodline.

I've had the previous cover up for a year now, so I have been hesitant to do it.  When polling friends, I have gotten mixed feedback on which cover they liked.  However, given the results of the new ads I've been running on Facebook the past couple of days, it is VERY obvious that this new cover gets a whole lot more reaction. (translate=clicks)

I figure it can't hurt, since anyone who has already purchased it(or downloaded for free) will get the notice on the Amazon page that they have already done so.  While those familiar with the story know why the original cover was fitting, I think that the audience looking for a good sci-fi will respond more to this new cover. I have had it up here before for opinions, but I'll post it again. :)

Another positive, I think, is that my new Heritage cover(book two in the triology) has the same strand of DNA on it (positioned differently).  My hope is that this will serve as a way to tie the two books together and make them seem more cohesive.  If this seems to work, then I will also tie it into the third book, Descent. (but the DNA will be shattered, overlaying another image in the background).

AND...they are still on sale for just 0.99 on Amazon!   (It'll take a day or so before the new cover is running on Amazon)

Friday, April 25, 2014

All Fiction Titles Now Only 0.99!!!

In my on-going quest of trying to break through this Indie market, I have decided to drop the prices on all my fiction titles to just .99.

I am also running a couple of limited ads on Facebook and Goodreads.

Wish me luck!

Here is a direct link to my amazon author page:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Successful Promo and New Cover

I have a couple of small updates!

First, last week I had all of my books, at some point, for free on Amazon.  I am trying out the variations available (how many days/what days of the week/where to advertise) in order to figure out the best combinations to reach the largest audience.

That's really my whole goal here: To reach my target audience.  Because YOU are the ones that I write for!  It would be easy for me to write the book, get it up on CreateSpace and KDP (both Amazon co) and then do nothing else.  What would happen, is it would simply get buried under the literal hundreds of thousands of new titles.

I am finding that other than writing the book, the biggest part of being an Indie author is the marketing.  Right now, social media is the biggest component of that.  Sure...I can set up a book signing or other public event (which I will do in the future) but realistically, how am I going to get my books in front of the most people?  SO...I sighed a big sigh and took the plunge a few weeks back (this board being one of my steps in the process).

I am really astounded at how it all works.  Twitter is an amazing tool.  With a few shares, my ad reaches thousands.  No, so far my sales haven't really moved much, but I know that this takes time.

Another part of this whole marketing thing is presentation.  This is why, when I clicked the submit for the free dates on 'Heritage', I started thinking.  I've known that the cover was a bit dull as far as a sci-fi goes, but the thought of designing a new one was daunting.  I really don't have an extra few hundred lying around that I can commit to that.  However, another thing I have found lately is the stock art resource, and I've gotten better with the editor program, Gimp.  So I went ahead and got one done, and it was updated halfway through the promo.

Here it is.  Let me know what you think!

I am moving forward with the third and final book in 'The Forgotten origins Trilogy', 'Descent'.  I am quite excited about this one.  You are going to be surprised with some of the developments and will NOT be let down on character/story building.  It's going to be even longer then Heritage, there's just no way aroundt it.  I can't split it into two books, because well....then it wouldn't be a trilogy!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Books are still free to....

A reminder that ALL of my ebooks are still free to AmazonPrime memebrs!

The giveaway for 'Bloodline' was a success, with over 1,100 downloads.  So far, I have had three reviews come back and thankfully they have all been positive. As exciting as the giveaway was, there was still a part of me a bit intimidated by the fact that so many strangers would be reading (and judging) my work.  So it has been nice to hear such honest, positive feedback!

I have finally been able to begin the third and final book in the Forgotten Origins Trilogy; Descent.  Several things delayed its start, including my recovery from whiplash.  I was hit on I5 a couple of  months ago and have been unable to sit at the computer for very long since.  Part of my success in writing is consistency.  I have found that maintaining my momentum is crucial, and often will write from two to six hours every day.  This just wasn't possible until now...and hopefully this time will also pay off in that I have been coming up with some fun ideas for the story line.

You will be surprised, shocked and of course entertained!

When it comes time to launch 'Descent', be looking for more giveaways and great deal promotions for both 'Bloodline' and 'Heritage'.  And can read ANY of my books for free with Amazonprime!